Project Management Services &

Construction Superintendent

Design and Construction Project Mangers

Achieving our client’s vision and project profit expectation is one our key objective. Delivering projects safely and high quality is essential. Our team of project managers are experienced specialists that provide the necessary skills and leadership to manage the difficulties of the planning, design, construction process. We can provide client representation, assist the Client’s project team on a short term basis or provide a full site management team.

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Epic Projects & Consulting have experience in:

  • Road design and construction
  • Bridges, highways, dams
  • Water and waste water plants, water piping network
  • Environmental projects
  • Commercial buildings
  • Aged care/health facilities
  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Retail facilities
  • Minor capital works
  • Government and Local Government projects
  • Educational facilities

By engaging us early, we can provide the following benefits:

  • Experienced and skilled project management resources that can identify potential issues
  • Professionally represent the client and manage other consultants
  • Critical review of the planning and design processes to achieve best cost and time outcomes
  • Minimize contractual and technical risk
  • Strong commercial and contract skills to deliver a successful outcome and project
  • Develop; monitor and control budgets and schedules to ensure time constraints and cash flows are met.
  • Provide regular reporting updates to ensure you are always well informed and know exactly how the project is progressing.
  • Verify project budget at concept design, design development, and final design and documentation.
  • Keep the project scope focused
  • Value engineer project as required to keep project within agreed-upon budget and schedule

Project Planning

We will create a Project Management Plan and include all the associated project documentation.

Consultation and Stakeholder Liaison

EPIC has experience in dealing with a wide range of stakeholders. We are experienced in dealing with a range of customers and have gained experience to deal with traders, businesses, general public, associations, Government Agencies, and private enterprise.

We will identify and analyze key stakeholders and their needs, coordinate a consultation process to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed

The consultation process will balance community and client expectations by communicating with a wide range of stakeholders, ensuring co-operative and collaborative action whilst maintaining and meeting the requirement of the client.

Contract Management Services

Epic can assist you with managing your contracts to ensure that you comply with your contract obligations. Our team of dedicated staff can assist you with:

  • Tender preparation and writing
  • Analyzing the content of a prospective tender and with input from the client, prepare a complete response
  • Model the financial aspects of the proposed tender, including costing and prospective cash flows
  • Prepare the full documentation for a client who is seeking tender submissions
  • Tendering procedures
  • Procurement controls and contracts
  • Mediation, negotiation and problem-solving
  • Contractor selection and appointment
  • Contract administration during the construction phase
  • Superintendent

Scheduling and Cost Control

Proper time management is critical to meeting important deadlines and keeping the project within budget. Epic Project strives to maintain your projects on schedule.
To achieve scheduling control:

  • Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) to define the project’s activities according to, and limited to, the project’s scope.
  • Establish the delivery sequence must be taken into account lead times, earliest and latest start and finish times
  • Estimate activity resources and the duration of each activity.
  • Develop a schedule, and a baseline to serve as a schedule control.

Cost control is directly linked to the project’s work breakdown structure because costs for schedule activities are estimated for all resources charged to the project.

Epic Projects understands the importance of careful estimating and tracking of budgets to control project costs.  By creating baselines for the project’s schedule and costs and by tracking them accordingly, deviations from the baselines can be managed and put back on track with schedule and cost controls.

Risk Management

Epic Projects and Consulting applies risk management processes and practices for all of our projects. We develop risk management plans that are then integrated into the project management process to ensure that risks are identified, managed or mitigated before they can influence the projects.

We facilitate structured risk workshops and provide expert input into the identification and evaluation of risks.  We establish a risk management plan, prepare a risk register, assess the risks and initiate a management plan with appropriate action and follow up.

This enables project stakeholders to communicate risk management strategies and respond to the risks.

Outcomes of risk management:

  • Minimize the client’s exposure to loss and litigation
  • Project delivered on time and on budget
  • Quality is not compromised
  • Protect and enhance the clients’ reputation
  • Protect the client’s financial and physical assets
  • Maintain employee Health & Safety programs

Project Management office

We can assist in the establishment and maintenance of a project management office to achieve consistent project management practices in an organization.Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) enables you to establish PM best practices and achieve consistency in the use of those practices on all projects.

Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management is a strategy that involves managing a project portfolio so organisations can align their projects and resources with corporate business objectives.

It involves bringing together interdependent resources such as people, processes, facilities, and technologies that impact across the whole organization to support the business objectives.

Project Portfolio Management allows organizations to achieve maximum project portfolio value through the continuous process of evaluating and managing projects against key performance indicators and strategic business objectives.

We can review and implement solution to:

  • Associations between strategic planning, budgets and the execution of your projects
  • Optimization and utilization of resources
  • Key performance indicators to measure success of projects
  • Project management methodology to support organizational requirements
  • Multi project controlling
  • Budget monitoring
  • Integrated cost and scheduling that considers the whole portfolio

Project Teams

Epic will put together a team to suit you project and needs. We have professionals in engineering, project management and general management consulting and business advice. We can allocate resources to formulate teams from positions including; design engineers, project engineers, project managers, project officers, drafters, technical officers, office administration, contract administrators.