Business Improvement

We help our clients to lead transformational change, create new organizational models, capture value from their customer and channel strategies. This will increase the effectiveness of their supply chains and assets, and integrate security into their strategy to ensure the resilience of their business – business improvement.

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Epic Projects & Consulting offers clients advice in:

  • Business planning
  • Business improvement
  • Strategies, marketing, social research
  • Strategic planning
  • Practicality studies

Business and Strategic Planning and Advice

We can help you consistently thinking ahead of your competitors and help you get ready for the next set of changes or challenges. We help organizations embrace a culture of thinking strategically and incorporating that into day to day operations by:

  • Assist companies respond to the latest set of challenges
  • Strategy Planning and Implementation – determining the best strategies to win in the market place
  • Goal, Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning advice – advice regarding the development of your plans and giving objective advice to implement them
  • Developing a strategic approach in response to achieving that goal
  • Assist with developing strategic and business plans
  • Marketing plan writing and implementation

Business Improvement – a systematic approach

Business improvement is a systematic approach to help you achieve your goals efficiently. We can help you streamline your business by:

  • Consulting with management and staff to discover how processes are currently being done, but also find out what needs to be done
  • Process map current and future state
  • Create formalized processes
  • Answering the who, what, how, when and why of your procedures

Strategy Formulation and Operation

Companies often have difficulty in the process of strategy. Providing corporate goals is not a sufficient condition for success of organizational strategies. The corporate strategy needs to be clarified to a level of which implementation can be measured and monitored.

We go further than just developing the plan.  We can look at the key success factor and help develop a strategy implementation plan together, conjunction with documents and with your team:

  • organisational structure
  • control mechanisms
  • reward systems
  • material resources
  • people/human resources
  • information and decision processes
  • strategy formulation
  • culture

Practicality studies

It’s important to look critically at a business idea or project when determining whether or not it’s worth investing time and money. Practicality studies are a critical part of the project life cycle and are important in determining the viability of the project and backing lenders and investors.

A project or business viability study involves documenting each of the potential solutions to a particular business problem or opportunity. We then undertake financial analysis including:

  • preparing a sales forecast;
  • estimating start-up and working capital requirements;
  • estimating profitability; and
  • assessing financial viability – returns on investment

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