Our Management System

We believe in continuous improvement, and encourage and reward ideas that help us achieve the best practice. Each improvement strives for a better project, a world and a better future for all.

Quality Management

Epic projects and Consulting utilises a formal Quality Management System that is focused on the identification, documentation and implementation of the design, engineering, procurement and project management and construction management requirements of a project and satisfying quality needs of the work. The Epic Quality Management System relies upon the use of formal plans and procedures, and any client specified project procedures, to define and control processes that have a direct impact on project quality. The purpose of the Epic’s Quality Management System is to provide a means of ensuring project activities conform to the design criteria, specifications, applicable industry codes and standards, and that the final product is safe, functional, reliable and cost effective. We establish and audit standards of continuous improvement of our quality systems


We recognise the importance of protecting the health and safety of our employees, clients and contractors. Workplace health and safety is a primary consideration in the planning and organisation of this company’s operations. The maintenance of safe working practices and a safe working environment is of significant importance to Epic’s manager and staff.

Our five core safety rules are:

  • All injuries are preventable
  • Everyone is responsible for safety
  • Working safely is a condition of employment and legislation
  •  Site induction is mandatory before starting on site
  •  If a safety issue arises, report it.

To achieve these principles, Epic Project and Consulting will:

  • Comply with the current legislative requirements and develop relevant
    policy and procedures associated with WH&S
  • Ensure the continuous improvements, reviews and updates
  • Promote effective hazard management


Environmental objectives will be achieved through the recognition and encouragement of a genuine respect for the environment and its protection. Epic Projects and Consulting is committed to the development, implementation, execution and maintenance of environmental procedures and construction methods, which comply with the objectives of the relevant statutory obligations, community environmental standards and expectations and specific project requirements.

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