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Civil Engineering Consulting Sewer and septic design
Stormwater Design, Water Engineering Subdivision design, Traffic Engineering
Environmental Engineers Engineering inspections

Our team of industry experienced, senior engineers are equipped to drive the process of finding the right technological solutions for your business. We serve our clients by offering: advice and assistance in the early phases of planning and concept development; design reviews identifying the best value solution or alternatives; autonomous cost planning and cost management identification and evaluation of alternative design options saving time and money; incorporating whole of life cycle costs including plant replacement, capital and maintenance.

Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering

  • Soil testing and site assessment investigations
  • Footings and retaining walls
  • Detailed analysis of structural frames and systems
  • Structural steel and timber design
  • Portal framed and braced structures
  • Precast concrete
  • Reinforced concrete framing
  • Inspection and reporting on existing buildings for structural adequacy

Civil Engineering

  • Engineering surveys for residential developments
  • Subdivisional design and documentation
  • Site supervision
  • Road and pavement design
  • Stormwater drainage design
  • Site works and drainage plans
  • Sewer and effluent disposal
  • Slope stability analysis

Environmental Engineering

  • Contamination Assessment
  • Water and Wastewater treatment
  • Wetlands design
  • Ecologically sustainable developments
  • Recycling wastewater and stormwater
  • Water quality investigations and treatment
  • Mine rehabilitations

Traffic Engineering

  • Traffic investigations
  • Transport planning and studies
  • Integrated transport and land use planning
  • Transport policy
  • Planning and development
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Urban policy and development

Residential & Commercial Projects, Construction Engineers

  • Single storey and multi-storey houses
  • Additions to existing structures
  • Medium density residential housing and units
  • Commercial and industrial subdivisions
  • Retirement villages
  • Apartments
  • Warehouses

Construction Footing Reports

  • Soil tests, boreholes and logging
  • Construction footing design and reports
    for building approval
  • Contour plans
  • Site works and drainage plans
  • Construction Inspections
  • Wind speed, earthquake, bushfire risk assessments
  • Septic soakage assessments and aerobic treatment

Building Development Consulting Services

  • Initial feasibility studies on the best use of a site and return on investment
  • Investigation on development costings and financing options
  • Sub-division planning (roads, services etc)
  • Liaison with Councils and Utilities and related services
  • Project management
  • Construction advice, and supervision
  • Advice on pricing, marketing and selling in association with real estate agents

Retaining Wall Design

  • Timber sleeper and concrete sleeper walls
  • Keystone walls
  • Concrete panel walls
  • Moss rock walls
  • Reinforced masonry walls

Structural Timber Design and Details

  • Wall, roof and floor framing
  • Wind bracing and tie downs

Storm Water & Water Management

  • On site detention tanks
  • Soakage trenches and pits
  • Packaged sump/pump systems
  • Stormwater design solutions for water reuse opportunities
  • Pumps, pipe lines and pumping stations

Pre-purchase Inspections

A great way to check your dream home or office/commercial site for structural integrity, drainage and defects before you become committed.

Incident Investigation and Expert Witness Services

We can help discover the root cause/s of an incident and present findings in a professional and credible manner

  • Scenario analysis and simulation
  • Forensic engineering
  • Expert witness reporting


  • Heritage advice