Soil Testing: What is it and Why is it Important?

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Soil Sample – Obtained with Core Drilling on Site

What is it?
Testing the soil, also known as soil investigation or geotechnical investigation, is used to help determine soil properties at a construction site. Doing so helps to establish the soil conditions and if it is solid enough for construction as well as help determine properties of the building itself. It is part of the building and site preparation process and is completed by drilling into the soil to a reasonable depth, depending on the construction plans and then having a professional grade the soil and estimate its properties for the length of the drilled hole.

Why is it Important?
Soil testing is a vital and necessary step in the construction process. The soil properties once established, such as settlement of the soil and other relevant data, can be used by engineers and builders to:

  1. Determine the suitability of the soil, allowing you to assess whether the construction project can be accommodated at the location.
  2. By drilling in multiple different locations on the site, you can help to identify the different types of soil located on the site and where they are.
  3. Test the soil for strength, density, compaction, contamination, sand content, etc. and assess what the impact of the soil may have on the construction project.
  4. Get data that is necessary to compile technical and safety data reports that can help support you in getting planning permissions from council.
  5. Receive precise results and ensure maximum quality and safety for the project.

By undertaking a proper soil investigation, you can also determine if there will be any possible problems with the soil that may affect the construction process, such as requiring deeper footings that may cost more etc. and allows you to adjust your finances accordingly.

When do you need it?
Soil reports are a necessity in nearly all construction projects that will require footings of some sort, including new buildings or extensions to houses. Therefore, it is important that you understand how to obtain one. At Epic Projects and Consulting we specialise in soil testing and construction footing reports. So, if you’re looking to build a new house, or extend your existing home, contact us for more information on how we can supply you with a soil investigation.


Soil Testing: What is it and Why is it Important?
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