Cellar Construction – Rose Park


We provided the design of the structural concrete and specification of the concrete strength that was applied during construction and the cellar was made to be 2.8m deep with a 180cm thick concrete wall. This Cellar was constructed using the ‘shotcrete’ method. This means the concrete was sprayed through a hose and pneumatically projected at a high velocity onto the desired location.

In this instance it was applied over the steel bars that were used as reinforcement, in some cases, mesh or fibers can be used as an alternative. Shotcrete is an in-situ method, meaning it occurs on site. Through this method the concrete is placed and compacted simultaneously due to the force of the nozzle and is able to be sprayed onto any type of shape or surface. After the shotcrete was finished being utilised the floor was then constructed over the top using bondek slab.

Lola’s Pergola

Lolas Pergola Client Case Study

Epic Projects and Consulting provided the engineering and construction advice for Lola’s Pergola – a temporary marquee structure designed as an outdoor bar located on the Torrens Riverbank for the 2014 Adelaide Festival.

The challenge Epic Projects faced was to design a structure that was suitable for large volumes of people to gather and celebrate that didn’t compromise and restrict the space. Featuring an array of talented Australian and international DJs, the structured provided the space and atmosphere for the festival.

Inglewood Residential Bridge


One of our recent projects was designing a small residential bridge across a creek. We worked closely with our clients to resolve all the potential issues that other companies they had spoken to had said were unsolvable. We even offered suggestions on materials that would complement the landscape and found ways for them to save money on design costs during the planning process. Needless to say, the clients were thrilled with our work and even left us this testimonial and comment on Google;

“Joe is a great bloke and helped my wife and I build a 9 metre span bridge on our property. He definitely focuses on customer service and did a great job keeping the council in line we really couldn’t have asked for a better engineer on the job! Thanks again Joe and team.” – Bobby P.