4 Key Considerations Before Renovating

Are you thinking of renovating your home? Whether you’ve got a small weekend project or an intimidating full room renovation in mind,  we have listed some key considerations to be made before you get started to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  1. What Are Your Plans?

While this step may seem obvious, the humble plan can often be overlooked by an excited homeowner, eager to dive into those renovations. But before you go ripping into walls, it is imperative to have a clear vision of the final result, as it can save you time, money and stress in the long run. What do you want the space to look like? Are you thinking of adding an extension? Consider every detail, from your material preferences to your colour palette, through to how you plan to use the room and the accessibility requirements. A detailed plan ensures everything falls into place so that your dream renovation becomes reality, with minimal hassle.

  1. Council Regulation and Building Approval

With your extensive plan in tow, you’re now ready to tackle the next obstacle, council approval. This is where a detailed plan is crucial. Keep in mind, council approval is essential to your renovation; do not start until your approval has been granted, otherwise, you may lose a chunk of your renovation budget to removing any progress that wasn’t approved. If you’re unsure where to begin, seek a professional to help you get the ball rolling on council approval.

  1. What Can and Can’t you Knock Down?

This is a highly important step in your renovation process. While knocking out a wall and opening up a space is an exciting prospect, some walls in your house are doing far more than just dividing rooms. If a wall is load-bearing, it plays an important role in the structural security of your home and knocking it down could have catastrophic results. Always call a qualified building inspector, engineer or builder for a consultation to assess the changes before you begin your renovations, it could save you thousands of dollars in damages in the future.

  1.  Should you DIY or Call in a professional?

If you have the necessary skills and experience, then by all means complete the work yourself and save some money. However, if you have to ask yourself whether or not you are capable of completing the project on your own, then it’s probably best to call in a professional to do it for you. This will ensure the project is executed smoothly and can save you time, and money, in the long run. Keep in mind that if you do complete part of a project by yourself, you will more than likely have to pay for a professional to assess and certify your work regardless, which could cost you just as much as hiring a professional for the full project.

Renovations can be stressful and costly, however by considering these four key points, you’ll be on your way to a successful and seamless renovation experience.

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4 Key Considerations Before Renovating
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